5 Signs Your Car Needs Service

No one gets excited thinking about the fact that they need to get their car in for service. Not only do repairs always come up at the most inconvenient time financially, they always seem to arise when your schedule is so packed that even ten clones wouldn’t help get you get caught up.

Well, the problem is that if you ignore the warning signs that your car needs service, and you continue to drive all around Southern California, you can do a lot more damage suddenly. A cheap repair turns into a very expensive problem. Even if you have a warranty, you can’t put off service work just because you are busy. All you have to do is go to a dealership that offers shuttle service so you can have repairs done while you are at work all day. Alternatively, rental cars are always an option too. Below are five signs that your car needs serviced. Be aware of these signs, and give your vehicle the attention it needs promptly. Don’t wait until you break down on the side of the highway waiting for an Orange County towing company to arrive.

Grinding or Squealing

When you press on the brake pedal to slow down to turn, or come to a complete stop, and you start hearing grinding and/or squealing, this is your brakes trying to tell you they need attention. Most of the time it is your brake pads wearing out, but in some cases it could be your rotors or calipers too.

Now, maybe you are thinking you will postpone a service appointment until they get worse, but this is never a good idea. Brakes can go from bad to horrible very quickly. You are compromising the safety of everyone around you on the road.

Plus, if you don’t listen to the warning signs and keep driving, the mountings can scrape grooves into the rotors, resulting in a very expensive repair. Alternatively, if you change the pads but don’t take care of the rotors when they need attention then they will get hot a lot faster and cause brake fade or warping.


The problem with this warning sign is that it is often so mild and slow to progress that you barely notice it. After a bit, it feels normal, even as it worsens. However, if you notice your car is vibrating while you are driving, there is a very good chance that you either need new tires or you simply need your alignment adjusted.

If your tires are not aligned properly, it can result in uneven wear on them. If you don’t have all-wheel or four-wheel drive, you will probably only need the front wheels aligned. The process simply squares the axles and wheels, so they are moving properly in the same direction.

Slow Starting

Does your vehicle act like it desperately needs a morning cup of coffee when you start it? This is a clear indicator that you will need a new battery soon. Sure, it eventually starts after a bit of hesitation, but don’t be fooled thinking you have plenty of time to deal with it. Batteries can be pretty unpredictable when they get to a certain point. Plus, batteries are fairly inexpensive and this is a quick fix. You probably need an oil change anyway, so just have the dealership handle both while you are there. Then, you won’t have to constantly worry whether your car is going to start when you need to go to work in the morning, or when you are leaving the club after a night out with friends.

Oil Spots

You absolutely cannot ignore an oil spot under your vehicle. If your car is leaking oil, this is something that needs to be taken care of immediately. You may think it is just one spot, so it is not a big deal, but think about how much oil could have leaked out while you were driving. Your engine needs proper lubrication to work. First your bearings will become dry, and then the engine will seize and lockup.

Green Liquid

Just like oil spots, if you see green liquid leaking from your vehicle, you need to get to a dealership immediately. Depending on how far away you are away from the dealership at the time, and how severe the leak is, you may want to go ahead and just have the vehicle towed. It is not even worth taking the chance to drive it. This is your radiator coolant, which has the monumental responsibility of maintaining the temperature of your engine. Without it, your engine can overheat quite quickly,which will result in extremely expensive repairs.

It is vital that you always make sure radiator coolant is cleaned up properly. It can poison your pets or any other animals in the area that decide to take a taste.